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How I Lost 10 Pounds

How I Lost an Additional 10 Pounds with Kale Smoothies
by Brigitte Center, Founder & CEO of Kale Power

In 2009, after feasting on a mostly vegetarian diet for about 10 months, I lost 10 pounds. During this time period, I was eating a lot of veggies, greens, fruit, nuts and nut cheeses, and I was juicing kale, veggies and fruit in the morning for breakfast. But juicing every morning was very time consuming - about 40 minutes in all with clean-up.

I eventually got too busy to keep up the daily juicing, so I decided to make kale smoothies instead because they literally take 8 minutes to make - including clean-up, which is washing/rinsing the blender.

What I noticed was that I had much more energy and with much better regularity. The extra protein and fiber was clearly a good thing! But what I did not realize was happening was that I started to lose even more weight. My skin also got clearer and my eyes got brighter! I needed less sleep and I was waking up earlier with a lot of mental clarity to start my day! This alone was absolutely worth my daily kale smoothie routine.

But guess what else happened? In about 3 more months I lost another 10 pounds! I was so thrilled and it was life changing!

Here are some of the reasons I felt so great, continued to lose weight, and got passionate about helping others lose weight and feel amazing by blending and bottling my recipes, so that everyone can have a healthy kale-smoothie routine.

  1. BEST way to get more greens into your diet – according to one study conducted in 1999-2000, only 40% of Americans ate an average of five or more 1/2 cup servings of fruits and vegetables per day. The percentage of dark green leafy vegetables consumption is even lower. Let’s face it, how many of you would eat a bunch of greens/kale in one serving all by itself? It’s hard to do! Green kale smoothies provide an easy way to consume a large amount of nutrient-dense kale into one serving of smoothie that actually is enjoyable to drink.

    2. Chlorophyll power – in simple terms, chlorophyll is the sun energy absorbed through plants that gives them the bright green color. Without the sun, a plant would not be able to make chlorophyll on its own. In his book Juice Fasting & Detoxification, Steve Meyerowitz explains how this ‘blood of plants’ is structurally similar to hemin, the protein proportion of hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the human blood. The benefits of chlorophyll are countless ranging from its ability to deliver oxygen throughout the body to being able to reduce the binding of carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs to protecting us from low-level X-rays radiation coming from TV sets, computer screen, microwaves and cell phones. And one of the best ways to get more chlorophyll in your diet is, you guessed it, by drinking green smoothies!

    3. Great source of protein –we have been taught that if we want more protein in our diet, we ought to eat more meat and dairy products. However, this notion is a big misconception. Have you ever wondered where gorillas or elephants get their protein from? Their diet is plant-based. Dr. Lesley Van Romer explains in her article that amino acids, the building blocks that make up protein, are just the same whether they came from a plant or an animal. In fact, kale is 34 % protein, the highest of all green leafy vegetables.

    4. Great source of fiber – regular consumption of fiber is crucial to our health. Fiber acts like a sponge, soaking up the toxins in our digestive tract, especially in the colon, and eliminating them from the body. Most people consume very small amounts of fiber in their diets which can results in poor digestion, constipation and irregular eliminations. Kale smoothies help alleviate this problem by adding fiber in a gradual and healthier way than a pill or powder can do.

    5. Fabulous alkalizer – in order for our bodies to function properly they must maintain a certain pH, which reflects the concentration of hydrogen ions in any given solution. The relationship is measured on the scale of 1 to 14 with 7 considered neutral or perfect balance, states Robert Young, author of The pH Miracle. If one’s body becomes too acidic, he or she will become prone to illnesses and infections. Since green kale smoothies contain fruits and dark leafy greens that rank high on the alkaline scale, one could easily maintain healthy pH by consuming them daily.

    6. Greater nutrient assimilation – you may like eating your greens but to reap the maximum nutrition value, their cell walls must be broken. Victoria Boutenko, a pioneer in the green smoothie movement, writes in her book ‘Green for Life’ that to rupture the cell walls of dark leafy greens we literally have to chew them into a creamy consistency before we swallow. That’s just humanly impossible. The problem can be easily solved by throwing the greens with other fruits into a high-power blender, which is capable of rupturing the cell walls, and thus increasing the nutrient absorption in our body.

    7. Weight loss promoter - I don’t need to quote an expert here because I can tell you from experience, drinking green smoothies had drastically cut down mid-day or late-night snack cravings. There is something about them that regulates your appetite so you don’t experience highs and lows during the day. Their balancing ability makes green smoothies perfect for meal replacement in a weight loss regimen. As I mentioned in my opening paragraphs, I was able to lose almost 10 lbs. Just by drinking kale smoothies for breakfast.

    8. Healthier skin, hair and nails -the ability to provide fiber and alkalize the body makes green smoothies a fantastic addition to your beauty routine. Instead of applying a potion externally, think of green smoothies as drinking the potion internally. The cleansing and detoxifying ability of dark leafy greens aid with the elimination of toxins and establishes healthy intestinal flora. As a result, your skin will become clearer, your hair will get shinier and softer, and your nails will grow faster. Who wouldn’t want that?
Check out this article for more reasons why Kale is such an amazing superfood!


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Cheers to your health!


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