I'm Sorry!!


In February, I made a texture change in effort to highlight our unique whole-food ingredients and differentiate ourselves from the "fake" smoothies out there. The new blend was very chunky with lots of flecks of kale. I have come to learn that it was not everyone's favorite version of Kale Power. It took us some time, but due to feedback from YOU - our beloved customers - we were able to change the texture once again; and now it's even better!

The new texture is similar to the original texture and is easier to drink, with only a few flecks of our real food ingredients and an even better taste! So it is now the best of both worlds :)

But don't just take our word for it.
Here's what Sherri Howard - Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist - had to say about the change:

"As for the new taste, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS NEWER BLEND !!! This newer blend is smoother, creamier, and very easy to drink. I don't even mind the little flakes of greens!  I love this one.

The main reason I was attracted to Brig's Smoothies was they were made with honesty and love. You didn't have to second guess the ingredients, the label was readable. YOU actually listen to your customers and that's important customer service!! You can tell you put a lot of love in the making of your smoothies because you care. I love that. I make so many appearances that I grab and go my drinks and I want to be able to continue to drink on the run. (so to speak....hahahaha)  I like it when all I have to do is literally drink without chewing. (sometimes I use a straw)  To me, that's why they are called smoothies....they are easy to drink.

You Brig, are my number one company and now that I have found you....I will NEVER NEVER EVER change to anyone else. You will always have my business and I am going to continue to send you more business. Just keep them smoothies creamy and tasty and you won't hear a peep out of me. I LOVE THIS NEW MIX !! Again, keep them smooth Brig! And THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LISTENING !!"

If you loved Kale Power's original texture, but weren't a fan of the second generation texture, you have got to try our latest blend.

Now that we have smoothed out our texture, I want to smooth things over with everyone! Get 10% off our NEW BLEND when you use the code SMOOTHEDOUT at checkout. PLUS I am also throwing in a handy Kale Power insulated tote bag with every order that goes out this week! (7/26/17 - 8/2/17)  Click here to get your free tote.

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